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    Malaysia’s Top 10 Favourites

    A visit to Malaysia is incomplete without trying out some of these popular Malaysian dishes.

    Nasi Lemak

    Enjoy the full-bodied aroma of rice cooked in coconut milk and enhanced with spices such as ginger, star anise and cinnamon. This wholesome dish is usually eaten with fried anchovies, poached eggs, spicy sambal gravy, fresh slices of cucumber, crunchy groundnuts and rendang, a thick meat curry. Many Malaysians swear that a plateful of nasi lemak is the best way to begin the day

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    Indian Cuisine

    Spicy, flavourful and piquant are common descriptions of Indian cuisine. Indian food can be broadly classified into two distinct type: northern and southern Indian. Northern favourites include briyani ice and bread varieties such as naan. A typical southern meal consists of rice, curry, side dishes and yoghurt served on a banana leaf. All time favourites such as thosai, chappati and poori are other relishes often enjoyed with coconut, tomato or mint chutneys.

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    Nyonya food

    Nyonya food, which is essentially a combination of Chinese and Malay foods, is very much liked by the Malaysians and is served by many restaurants in the name of Straits Chinese food or Lauk Embok Embok. Eating out in Malaysia is real fun in the company of various restaurants that serve Thai, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Continental and Portuguese cuisines. While traveling in a foreign country, one must try out its cuisine but if, you don’t want to, there are many restaurants that would take care of your choice.

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    The following is a sampling of Kuala Lumpur’s restaurants to begin your culinary adventure:

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    Malaysia Cuisine

    The multi-cultural characteristic of Malaysia appears alive in its cuisine that proffers delightful culinary treat for all. Malaysian Food is not only eclectic, but also variegated in the way it has got traits of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya and Portuguese foods. As regards the traditional Malay food, it is exemplified by different spices and flavors. Amongst the popular Malaysian delicacies are Satay, Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Roti Canai, Murtabak, Laksa, Chicken Rice and Fried Noodles. (Malaysia’s Top 10)

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