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    Pulau Redang

    one of the most fantastic islands in the South China Sea. With fine white sand beaches (so white that the sun warms the sand and not heated). lined with palm trees. The crystal clear water, sparkling like diamonds, invites immediately to snorkel in the rich underwater world. Numerous dive sites (31 places) are to be discovered.  At night the beach party dance along Pasir Panjang. Enjoy in one of the many restaurants right on the beach, the fresh seafood. Is it just a dream in prison. On the island there are many different accommodations, from cozy chalets to luxury resorts. The journey is by ferry or speedboat. This transfer is usually included in one of the snorkeling and diving packages. To deserted beaches, jungle trekking is a huge experience.
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    The legendary islands of Langkawi that comprises of 99 islands located of the northwestern coast of Peninsula Malaysia has stirred the imagination of innumerable people who have taken keen interest in the history of the land. The land which presently belongs to the Malaysia’s Kedah state has in numerous legends and folks tales associated with it. The islands are covered with age old forests which a home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. It is famous for its intriguing legends and scenic beauty as well as beautiful sandy, colorful underwater world and atmosphere. For those who seek uncrowded and wish to get a way from the busiest city center with world class infrastructure and facilities will find Langkawi an excellent choice for holiday trip. Langkawi is about 30km from Kuala Perlis and 51km from Kuala Kedah. As we know Langkawi has accorded as a Geopark by UNESCO for its beautiful geoheritage feature, stunning landscapes, karts caves, sea arches and fossil with a geological history back 500 million old years.

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    Pulau Tioman

    Tioman Island ” Island Of Romance ” is one of the top ten most beautiful island in the world. Pulau Tioman is the largest island standing off the east coast of Penisula Malaysia. This island of romance comprises 9 islands which is Pulau Labas, Pulau Sepoi, Pulau Gut, Pulau Tokong Bahara, Pulau Chebeh, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Sembilang, Pulau Seri Buat and the Tioman island itself. This amazing island of romanceis located 70 minutes away from the jetties at Tanjung Gemel. For those looking for heavenly soothing tropical breeze paradise this place will served you with beautiful scenery especially for tourist and holidaymakers. Treasure the underwater world around the island with vibrant coral gardens, a profusion of seashells, starfishes and a myriad of colorful fish. Many activity you can explore such as a scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, water skiing, windsurfing and deep sea diving.

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