Tioman Island ” Island Of Romance ” is one of the top ten most beautiful island in the world. Pulau Tioman is the largest island standing off the east coast of Penisula Malaysia. This island of romance comprises 9 islands which is Pulau Labas, Pulau Sepoi, Pulau Gut, Pulau Tokong Bahara, Pulau Chebeh, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Sembilang, Pulau Seri Buat and the Tioman island itself. This amazing island of romanceis located 70 minutes away from the jetties at Tanjung Gemel. For those looking for heavenly soothing tropical breeze paradise this place will served you with beautiful scenery especially for tourist and holidaymakers. Treasure the underwater world around the island with vibrant coral gardens, a profusion of seashells, starfishes and a myriad of colorful fish. Many activity you can explore such as a scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, water skiing, windsurfing and deep sea diving.

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