The history of St. Thomas Cathedral in Kuching dates back to 1848 when the first Anglican missionary, Reverend Francis Thomas McDougall, priest and doctor, came to Sarawak. He was invited by Sir James Brooke, the first Rajah of Sarawak.

The Church compound, which was originally a jungle-clad hill, was bestowed by the Rajah in 1849. On this site, Dr. McDougall began the construction of a fine wooden church capable of accommodating 250 people.

In 1851, the consecration ceremony of the church was performed by Bishop Wilson of Calcutta. The foundation stone for the present cathedral was laid on 15th October 1953 by the Duchess of Kent and the building was completed by May the following year.

Easter Sunday is celebrated in conjunction with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Masses are held in churches throughout the country. Some hotels organise special brunch and hi-tea for their patrons. To add to the fun, activities such as Easter egg-hunting, egg-painting and egg spoon-race are also organised, much to the delight of the children.

Places of Interest

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