Known for its rich and colourful past, Malacca is a destination where visitors can marvel at churches that date back to the 16th century.

The bright red Christ Church situated at Jalan Gereja is one of the most photographed buildings in Malaysia. Completed in 1753, the building is testament to Dutch architectural ingenuity.
This prominent icon of Malacca showcases some interesting features, including handmade pews, ceiling beams that are constructed without joints, a brass bible, a tombstone with Armenian inscription and a depiction of ‘The Last Supper’ in glazed tiles.

Situated nearby is the Stadthuys, another major landmark that showcases classic Dutch architecture. It houses the Museum of History and Ethnography. Not far from the Stadthuys, visitors will find a flight of stairs leading to St. Paul’s Hill. At the summit stands the ruins of St. Paul’s Church. The church was built in 1521 by a Catholic Portuguese Captain, Duarte Coelho. Originally, this structure was a small chapel named ‘Our Lady of the Hill’. It was later renamed St. Paul’s Church by the Dutch.

The open grave inside is where St. Francis Xavier, who regularly visited the church, was laid to rest before his remains were transferred to Goa, India. A marble statue commemorates his internment here over 400 years ago. The Church of St. Francis Xavier at Jalan Laksamana was built in 1849 by a Catholic French priest, Reverend Farve. It is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier who was known as the ‘Apostle of the East’ Asia during the 16th century. for his missionary works in Southeast. This is a fine example of Gothic-style architecture. For a very long time, it was the largest church built by the Paris Foreign Missionary in the Malay Peninsula.

Situated along Jalan Bendahara is the yellow-coloured St. Peter’s Church. Built in 1710, it is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Malaysia. The church was built on a piece of land donated by a Dutch gentleman, Maryber Franz Amboer.

Good Friday is an annual event commemorating the crucifixion and passing of Jesus Christ. It is a solemn day observed with a special mass at the churches.

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